Fit Body Shop

Specializing in athletic health care.

What is The Fit Body Shop & how does it work?

I am a certified and licensed athletic trainer that specializes in performance enhancement and utilize manual therapy in my practice.  So I have decided to create a shop that does just that.  For the most part you will train on your own, but you will check into The Fit Body Shop and utilize its tools to keep you on track.  I utilize online media as well as one on one sessions to keep you tuned up, ready to go and always performing your best!

This is the simplicity of finding renewed health and well-being.  Simply put--moving more and eating smart.  This program takes a holistic point of view and looks at how the entire body is functioning as a whole.  Programs can be tailored for your specific goals and everything will be available to you right at your fingertips!

I create workout programs for you based on your goals and current fitness level.  I provide these workouts to you via the dotFit platform.  By using this platform you will have access to your workout, a written explanation as well as a short video of each exercise, nutrition logging (using calorie king) so that I can help you tweek any nutritional imbalances and add nutritional supplements to help fill any gaps.


On line health coaching provides many benefits such as:

**Less travel time

**Convenient scheduling of your workout

**Lasting results

**Convenience of working out where ever is best for you such as your own home or the gym

**Very affordable

What are your goals?

Increased Fitness/Weight Loss     This is the simplicity of moving more and eating smart.  I deliver a 4 point program via                                                dotFit platform that will help you find your healthy you.  

Sport Performance                  Looking to increase speed, agility and quickness?  This program will guide you through                                                and build you up to meet your sport performance goals.

Overcome an Injury                Sustaining an injury can cause big setbacks.  However, you still need to stay on the                                                 right path to continue  forward.  I can guide your program so that you come back quickly,                                         safely and help to prevent further injury.

Getting Started

  • Fill out the contact page.
  • Make sure I have your email address.
  • I will create your dotFIT page and send you the access information to you via email.
  • When you log in you will choose your goal and fill out the health questionnaire.
  • After this process is finished, I will be able to set you up with all the information you need!

What you will receive

  • I will provide support & direction for you to reach your goals.
  • I will provide personalized workout programs you can access on your individual page.  It will include specific instructions and video.
  • Nutrition logging, tips and recipies.
  • Exercise logging.
  • DotFit products will be available to you to help boost you to your goals if you choose.