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Recovery & Readiness Plan~~ What's your plan?

Posted on May 6, 2019 at 4:10 PM

Recovery from all your daily activities keeps us ready for more activity to come. Giving us the ability to play longer and harder. This leads to a few questions. What helps our body recover daily and how do we know we are keeping up? We are not a bunch of bits and pieces, but one unit, one person. For this reason it is important to use a holistic approach to daily recovery. It boils down to refuel, rest and restore. These three things focus on our body’s physical, mental and hormonal states, making sure that the reset button has been pushed daily and that we are always ready to go.

We need to refuel our bodies to rebuild and repair after bouts of different intensities of exercise and stress. Refueling means eating meals at regular intervals that include fresh whole foods. These foods should be meeting the general guidelines for active people. This allows the body to repair itself to maintain healthy tissues and can even prevent overuse injuries. Good pre/post activity snack are also recommended as we deplete our energy stores. There is a rhyme and reason to keeping these stores full and ready to go. It does include using a smoothie (from dotFIT) that has the right blend of cals and nutrients, as well as being easy to digest and absorb. Staying properly hydrated helps the body to work better overall but also to prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Do you sleep well at night? Rest is one of the most important factors in recovery and readiness. This is the best time for your brain to process and make sense of everything that has happened during your day. It can literally be like pushing the restart button for all our hormones and regulatory systems. By monitoring our sleep quality and quantity we can make sure we are not just alert, but also mentally sharp and on top of our game. There are many factors that can affect our sleep including pain, travel, or stress.

In order to restore our body, we need to take a look at how we are feeling. Are we stressed? Are we feeling pain? Are we doing things during the day to counter the physical and mental stress such as our self care plan, getting a massage, proper warm up/cool down or seeing the athletic trainer? It's easier to be proactive and have a routine.

I provide online tools to allow you to track and monitor how well you are refueling, resting and restoring your body for recovery. You can then see not only your daily recovery and readiness number, but we can also look at your trends and see if we spot any patterns that can be improved. We can see how the team is recovering as well as the individual. This can be important for athletes that travel often, athletes that are recovering from injury or athletes that are going through some big changes. Anytime you can improve your recovery and readiness, it will give you an advantage, for both you and your team. If you are interested in improving your recovery and readiness for yourself or your team, please give me a call.

Categories: performance, athletic training, injury prevention

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