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I welcome Mondays

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 11:25 AM

Monday's can be such a relief from the weekend.  I know that few people tend to feel this way, but especially from this past weekend.  It was a doosy.  

My family came back from  hunting in the Big Horn Mountains.  Being from Wyoming we do eat what some of my midwest friends all "critters".  We (my husband & son) hunt antelope, deer and elk as well as some birds.  Some of the leanest, finest cuts of meat you can get.  Plus my hubby gets to hang out in the mountains for a while and be completely unplugged.  It was great to have eveyone home and my house filled!

And lets not forget the trifecta this weekend held as well.  It was daylight savings, a full moon AND Halloween!  I think it would have been difficult to resist celebrating just a little.  Now we are coming off the sugar high (that we shouldn't have had in excess in the first place) and the time change messes up eveyones cycle and normal patterns.

Mondays always get me back on track.  Back to a schedule and a routine.  I have to have all three kids to school and with a healthy breakfast.  I have to be to work on time and be ready for the day.  My days can be hecktic but it keeps me in balance.  This routine also keeps me eating at the right times and I take food with me so I have snacks and meals handy (especially if life throws me a curve ball).  So, honestly, Sundays are kind of like my reset day.  I determine what we are going to eat for the next week and make it or get it ready to start.  I make sure the house is clean and also ready for the week.  I can guarentee you, it doesn't look like that by the middle of the week, but we try!

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween weekend.  

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