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Fit Body Shop ~~Specializing in Athletic Health Care

Posted on October 9, 2017 at 2:10 PM

Fit Body Shop promotes mechanics, fuel and sport performance.  Athletic health care can really mean a variety of things, as I have worked in several different platforms of sport.  When I work with youth, I love to teach.  Kids are learning what it feels like to be competitive.  Differences between bumps and bruises and actually having an injury.  Most importantly I hope they are learning to take care of their body.  Address those bumps and bruises before they become tendonitis, strains, spurs, calcifications etc.  It may also mean to rest from full participation to heal.  At the youth level they are not paying their bills or earning their next job, but need to maintain their health so that they can pay their bills and find thier next job. 

I have found that the higher the level of competition the higher the break down of the body.  I know that sounds intense, but its true.  Working harder with less recovery time results in dyfunction occuring more frequently.  However, always remember that exercise and sport are supposed to keep you healthy and feeling your best.  So always make sure you focus on mechanics, fuel and sport performance to minimize your chance of injury and keep you performing at your optimal potential.  Here is a breakdown of how I treat the body as a whole unit to make sure you can compete at high levels, while keeping away from the dreaded dysfunction.

Mechanics is top on the list.  How your body moves is highly important to improve and maintain strength, speed and agility.  Most importantly, having good biomechanics is what prevents us from having pain and keeps us injury free.  While movement assessments are a great place to start, treatment and maintenance with bodywork to nervous, fascial and muscular systems is essential!

Fuel.  Always fuel for success!  There is nothing more important to properly recover, rebuild, maintain bodyweight,  and to stay focused and energized.  Always choose a wide variety of whole fresh foods.  While I don't like to ever cut out specific food groups or macronutrients, I do believe that the more specific the goal, the more specific the program.  To fill in any gaps, make sure you find supplements that are third party tested such as dotFIT NSF Certified For Sport products.  These products are tested to be free of both contaminants as well as banned substances, as stated by the world anti doping agency, NFL, NHL, MLB and the NCAA.

Sport Performance is everyone's favorite, right?  Who doesn't want that extra edge over their competitor?  My sport performance not only covers sport specific aspects but also cardio for sport.  This is specialized training designed just for you.  We take your goals and events and add in training that will have you peak at the right time for your goals and events.   I also provide athletic training and injury recovery to bring you back safely and quickly to full participation status.  Always making sure that you are performing at your optimal potential!

Fit Body Shop ~Your one stop, head to toe, body shop.  Specializing in athletic health care.

Categories: athletic training, performance, injury prevention

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