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4 Easy Steps to Your Fitness Goals

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 7:05 PM

Sometimes its nice when the plan just comes to you.  No guessing.  No over thinking things.  Just log in and look at the plan.  This is a nice one stop shop to meet any health goals.  All exercise, nutrition, supplements and support in one easy location.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is the food choices we consume.  Everyone needs to eat, so this is important.  We all have basic energy needs to be met in order to breath and other maintenance of our bodies.  Add the energy that we require for activities of daily living like washing dishes, vacuming, grocery shopping and of course our workouts.  That total is how much energy we need to eat to maintain our current status.  When you enter the site, you will answer health questions that determine your average daily expenditure.  When you click on your goals, then we can determine if you need to consume more calories or less calories to meet your goals.  At this point you can also start logging your food.  This is super important to see where you are starting at.  Sometimes you really don't need to make several large changes, but just a few small alterations.  These alterations are easier for me to modify when I can see what is going on.  Please log your food accurately everyday.  It makes you accountable for your choices.

2. Exercise

It doesn't matter if you are a veteran athlete or just starting.  I use the Optimum Performance Training Method created by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  It supports injury prevention, working up to your goals (not just jumping right in).  Each program is designed by me and cusotmized just for you.  You need to run faster and throw harder--we can do that.  You need to lose some weight and tone muscles--we can do that.  You need new exercises or over come a plateau--we can do that.  I provide the workout.  You can see it on any device or print it out.  Also, if you like gadgets, you can sync your fitbit or jawbone to the system so I can see how many steps you have taken, monitor your heart rate and whatnot.  You have the opportuity to workout at your favorite gym, outside, at home, with a friend--whatever works for you.  Just know you will be held accountable to get it done.  I will meet you, but I will check on you.

3. Supplementation

Supplementation is an interesting topic.  Always pros and cons.  But this is a really great way to stay on track.  If you are losing weight and cutting calories, then you need something to fill the gap.  You need a reliable multi vitamin to give you what you need to keep you strong, but something that does not have calories.  I have shakes and snacks that keep you on track with easy on the go options as well as easy calorie tracking.  Looking to get that  little extra boost to recover from workouts or need a great post workout snack/drink.  I have that.  These are great choices to keep you on track supplement the food choices you are already eating.

4. Support/Coaching

Please remember that there is always support for you here.  I can help with any question you may have whether it is about the site itself or you are just having a tough day.  Access via facebook and skype will lead you directly to me.  If you have questions there is also a fitness vault that you have full access to with recipes, question & answer, FAQs and webinars by exerts in their field.

This 4 pillar progam is a one stop shop to meet your health and fitness goals.  Just log on and take the guess work out.  Let the fitness plan come to you.  Just add determination and attitude.

Categories: fitness, performance, online training

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