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How to get more from your workout--Massage Recovery

Posted on September 3, 2015 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (223)

We have decided to make the time for the gym.  We sweat it out on the cardio machines and pump out our favorite weight training exercises.  As goals start to be met, we have to remember the full effects of training on our bodies and how to keep things in check so that we get the most out of our workouts.  We need to prevent overtraining and injury.

Overtraining is "A general term for any practice of, or training for, a particular sport which is in excess of that necessary to effectively participate in the sport. Overtraining increases the physical stress on specific parts of the musculoskeletal system, and increases the risk of injury" as  defined by the medical-dictionary.  When we work out, our bodies produces metabolic waste products that cannot be rid of quickly.  This along with tissue breakdown is what causes soreness and muscle fatigue.

Massage therapy is a hands on technique that can help rid the body of waste products while not contracting the muscle.  In addition to the waste products being pushed out, massage therapy also brings in oxygenated blood and nutrients to help heal the tissues from your favorite workouts.  This increases the healing process so you can recover quicker from your favorite workouts.  Athletes, fitness participants and others engaged in strenuous physical activity will also benefit from integrated manual therapy such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and deep transverse friction to keep muscle and surrounding soft tissue mobile and free from adhesions.  Receiving a massage in between workouts will not only reduce recovery time but also increase force production for those that enjoy lifting.

We need to keep working out and pushing our bodies to their potential, but reward your body with a regular massage.  Recover faster, push harder, reduce your chance of injury and keep those muscles balanced for your best workout yet!

Bring on the new season

Posted on August 12, 2015 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (197)

I just want to say that the seasons are very quickly changing and I absoutely love it!  The weather is amazing and bring on the sports.  Here in Gillette we just got our college Pronghorn season and high school seasons underway.  Plus my own kids are going to be starting up their sports next week.

The energy of it all is great.  I just can't believe that it is coming and changing so fast!  Bring it on.  Stomp some ground.  Go out there and be fierce.

Why Get A Massage?

Posted on June 2, 2015 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (210)

To get a massage sounds so luxurious.  When people want to be pampered, they choose to get a massage.  Besides the pampering, are there any other benefits of getting a massage?

Massage therapy is a hands on technique that allows your body to be passively stretched, reach a relaxed state and removes wastes products from tissues.  Massage has been shown to be effective with conditions such as : low back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, reducing post operative pain, boosting the body's immune system functioning, reducing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, lowering blood pressure and reducing headache frequency.  According to the Amercian Massage Therapy Association research is ongoing and the therapeutic benefits are continuing to be studied.

Our activities of daily living cause stress and muscle imbalance.  There are things like sitting in a haul truck or sitting at your computer all day that are unavoidable.  Because of this, it is currently recommended to receive a massage once a month for maintainence purposes.  There are a variety of techniques that are integrated to achieve specific goals to meet your needs.

Massage therapy is a good way to pamper yourself, but beyond that it is an effective way to address aches and pains, give your immune system a boost and add a different dimention to your self-care routine.

National Athletic Training Month

Posted on March 21, 2015 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (902)

Athletic Training Month is coming to a close so I am just going to make one more post glorifying the profession.  At this time I no longer work in a traditional athletic training setting, but love it none-the-less.

Here is a" target="_blank">video from the National Athletic Trainers Association.  

Make sure you thank your athletic trainer this month for all they do.  

Why On Line Training--How It Works

Posted on March 16, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (334)

Soost Outdoor Fit Biz is Proud to bring you the best online solution to your health, fitness and sports performance needs.  There are many services available right at your fingertips to help you reach your specific goals.  So how exactly is your computer supposed to help you reach your health and fitness goals when we are always hearing that they are the problem to start with.

There is such a large percentage of people these days that have full access to the internet.  If you are reading this, then you are part of this population! So why shouldn't I share my expertise with you, just because we live further away or don't have my same schedule?  I want to be fair to everyone:).

Now its true-I'm not going to be there to see you do every exercise or see how much effort you are using.  That accountability is all yours!  However, I am always available for any questions you have via social media and the web.  I personally create your workouts for you based on your current health status, fitness level and goals.  This ensures that you progress properly, won't hit a plateau and reduce your chance of injury.  I can also change and tweek your program as necessary.  I will have access to your nutrition log to see how we can improve on meals and snacks.  I will check in and send reminders.  All of this is tailored just for you.  All you need to bring is desire and the decision that this goal is important to you.

Soost Outdoor Fit Biz uses the dotFit program/website so that you have access to log your food/activity, have access to quality products (should you choose to use them) and you can reach this program from anywhere as it has a great app for your phone.  Also it is very affordable.  It's only $6.95 a month or $69.95 for the whole year.  For those that live in Gillette, one on one sessions are available as well for $30 a session.  Then you have the option to utilize both options.

Just click on the button below to get started.  Make sure on the drop down box to click on my name (Jara Soost) to use me as your personal trainer/health coach." target="_blank">

National Athletic Training Month

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (592)

It's national athletic training month, so I am going to be making some random posts regarding the importance of athletic training.  When I started college, I did not plan on finding a career that I love so much.

This photo is obviously not serious, but it does remind us that athletic training is still very much a career that few people understand.  This year our theme is We Prepare-You Perform. Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians and specialize in prevention, emergency care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and sport related illnesses. (From

I love the energy of athletic training.  It is long hours and a crazy schedule, but its also guiding athletes of all ages through their injuries and getting them back to their active level.

Tempo in weight training

Posted on January 19, 2015 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (177)

When weight training, there are several variables to consider in order to reach your goal, train specifically and  avoid a plateau.  While the most well known variables are sets and reps, tempo is also an important factor.

Tempo is how fast you perform each rep.  When you receive a work out plan from me, it will include the tempo.  The tempo will consist of three numbers.  We will use a simple bicep curl as an example.  The first number tells you how fast to lower the weight.  So if your muscle is shortened, with fists up by your shoulder, you would lower the weight for a count of 4 seconds in a 4/2/1 tempo.  The middle number represents how long to hold the contraction.  So in this example you would lift the weight and hold it there for 2 seconds before lowering the weight.  The last number represents how fast you push or lift the weight.  In a 4/2/1 tempo for a bicep curl you would move the weight up in a count of one second, hold it there for two seconds and bring it back down to the starting point during a four second count.  

Tempo is a very important part of your workout.  It determines if you are working out concentrically, eccentrically, for strength, for bulk, for power and helps you avoid a plateau.

So when you get your workout and you see those numbers posted under tempo, do not dismis them.  It is a crucial portion of your workout, even more importantly if you have specific goals to reach.

Workout Wednesday~~Log your exercise

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (219)

Today make sure you are logging your exercise.  This includes the exercise performed and all of the variables (weight used, sets, reps, rest and tempo). In order to stay on track and your body moving and guessing, it is important to change these variables up at certain points.  At which point will depend on your goal.  Track your progress at each workout session.  This is one important way to make sure you are both seeing and feeling your goals.  GO WORKOUT!!

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle. ~Author Unknown

Posted on Comments comments (296)

Change happens all the time, whether we are ready or not.  Fit Body Shop has been changing a lot lately.  I am so excited about the things to come!  I am creating space where anyone can come and work on their mechanics, performance and fuel all at one stop.  I have a few workshops and events coming up this spring, so make sure you are keeping an eye on that.  Space is limited for some of the workshops so its always good to get registered early, even for the complimentary events.  My programs are still based on line so you always have access to your program, self care and support.  But having a location where everything comes together, is exciting!" target="_blank">Visit me on Facebook to check out my events.