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Specializing in athletic health care.

Pricing & Services

On Line Programming will provide each client with goal setting, nutrition logging, exercise programming, supplementation and accountability.  You will be able to work out at your venue of choice and on your own schedule.  This platform allows you to sync most body media.  I am able to view your page to help guide you and give you feedback to meet your goals.   You can purchase NSF Certified For Sport supplements through your dotFIT page and they will be shipped right to you.  Please choose your area of current interest and we will get started.

  • General Fitness~~Looking to take a more active approach to your fitness, this program will direct you to your goal to help you feel better and look better.             
                                                         One Month Programming $50        Three Month Programming $125

  • Injury Prevention/Corrective Exercise~~Don't let injury take you out of the game.  Work with a corrective exercise specialist to prevent your chances of ACL tear, overuse injuries, injury or reduce pain you already have.    
                                                          One Month Programming $75         Three Month Programming $200

  • Sport Performance~~Train like the pros with a performance enhancement specialist.  Train your body to perform with its optimal potential.  Run faster, jump higher, cardio for performance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               One Month Programming $75         Three Month Programming $200

Consultations are always a complimentary service so if you have any questions about this program, your health and fitness goals or injuries don't be afraid to let me know.  Thank you for choosing Fit Body Shop