Health, Fitness and Performance at your Fingertips !


  • Group Training ~~Bring a friend to join the fun!  Find some friendly competition or just someone to help you stay accountable.  Either way its a win win.                                                                                                    $30 per person per session

  • Injury Prevention/Corrective Exercise~~Don't let injury take you out of the game.  Work with a corrective exercise specialist to prevent your chances of ACL tear, tendonitis or reduce pain you already have.                    $30 per session

  • Sports Performance~~Train like the pros with a performance enhancement specialist.  Train your body to perform with its optimal potential.  Run faster, jump higher, cardio for performance.                                    $240 per 8 sessions

  • Massage Therapy~~Each session will be an integrated massage session using a variety of techniques to meet your goal.
                                                                                               60 Minute Massage    $65
                                                                                               90 Minute Massage    $90
                                                                                               30 Minute Massage    $40

  • On-Line Health Coaching~~Do you have a crazy schedule, don't like to work out at the gym or just don't live in Gillette?  Regardless if you live here or on the coast you can get health and fitness coaching at your fingertips. My on-line platform is the only on-line program that will allow you to sync your body media.  Through this platform, I will be able to see your page and give you helpful feedback to keep you on track and reach your goals.  This platform is a Complimentary Service and does not cost you anything to sign up.  You will have access to the fitness vault as well as high end nutritional supplements that can be shipped right to your door.

Consultations are always a complimentary service so if you have any questions about this program, your health and fitness goals or injuries don't be afraid to let me know.  

To get started with your personalized program, click the dotFit me.faster. button below.  When the window opens, there will be three sections to start.  The first one, please use the second drop down box to locate me (Jara Soost) as your dotFit Trainer.  Once you have filled out the required information, I will be able to help you log your food & exercise, create your workouts and give you the boost you need to reach your goals.